‘Sketches’ from the life of a revolutionary. Articles, family letters etc.

Bill receives the Robert Tressell Award from the Construction Safety Campaign, 25 November 2006

The Palestinian Breakfast Award, 18 June 2006. "Bill sees the world through the eyes of the international class struggle."

Bill’s speech to the memorial meeting for Rae Hunter, 22 June 1992


From the booklet produced to celebrate Bill's 80th Birthday:

Bill’s First Strike: 13 years old

Bill's Office: the strange story of his raincoat

Conscription: Bill becomes an RAF wireless operator

The Tale of Old Joe: Bill on the Difference between Knowledge and Understanding

Bill's Dilemma: Seamen's Strike 1960

Lucas Aid: Bill incident leads to questions in the House

Miners Support: May 1984 and Bill takes a stand for his class

Into the Lion's Mouth: Bill hands out a lesson in humility

Bill's compliment: A message from Peter Fryer

Constable’s Landscape: Harry Constable salutes Bill

Picture: Young Bill