They Knew Why They Fought - Unofficial struggles & Leadership on the Docks 1945 - 1989

A history of dockers’ struggles since the end of the war up to the defeated dock strike of 1989 and the abolition of the Dock Labour Scheme.


Lifelong Apprenticeship - Life and Times of a Revolutionary

A Trotskyist from the age of 18, a factory shop steward at 21 and a borough councillor at 32, Bill Hunter has taken some hard knocks - including bureaucratic expulsion from the Labour Party in 1954. Here he recalls these battles with humour, anecdote and documentary evidence.


Forgotten Hero - The Life and Times of Edward Rushton. Liverpool's Blind Poet, Revolutionary Republican & Anti-Slavery Fighter

Edward Rushton was undoubtedly a heroic figure who should be given a place in Liverpool’s history of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Bill Hunter says: “I wrote this book in an attempt to rescue from obscurity, this uncompromising fighter for the common people, and to pay tribute to his indomitable spirit.”


Harry Constable - an introduction to his 'Memoirs'.

Dockers were in the forefront of some extremely important struggles of the rank and file movement after the Second World War. These memoirs contain the recollections of a leading participant. Harry Constable was one of the most outstanding, talented leaders in the unofficial movements that became a most important feature of union history in these years. He became known, and respected among workers in all the major docks in Britain.