Who are you calling old?

“During the 1960 Seamens’ Strike they formed a committee here which used to meet in the Mersey café, down near the Pier Head, and they held meetings on the Lord Street blitz site. They phoned me to come down to a meeting – I used to help them with some of their leaflets and so on and sell the Newsletter. They were all about seventeen or eighteen with a sprinkling of twenties. These, all young lads then, and I was at the back taking notes. The chairman was speaking and one of the bigger lads, he kept looking around at me. He suddenly says: "Ay, Brother Chairman, what’s this finger doing ere”. And they all glare back at me. And the Chairman says; “Ah, he’s from the Newsletter. Leave the old man alone.” At forty years old, leave the old man alone! So I thought, well, I don’t know whether its worth being called an old man or to protest and let them fling me out.”

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