Bill on the Difference between Knowledge and Understanding

“At Chrysler Old Joe, a Glaswegian turner, had taken an apprentice under his wing. The lad was machining a 1 inch bar on very slow speeds and feeds. Banging up the speeds and feeds Joe says: “Look laddie. The rule is, you’ll never mek a good turner if ya dinna tek a chance.”

Some days later there is an almighty crash and Old Joe runs over to the machine to find that a billet has come out of the chuck and smashed into the guard. It is obvious that the speeds and feeds are way too high.

Old Joe gives the lad ‘down the banks’ for taking a chance. When, finally, the lad gets a word in he says: ”But you told me I wouldn’t make a good turner if I didn’t take a chance.” Joe replies: “That’s the second rule. The first rule is knowing when to tek a chance.”