Constable’s Landscape

It’s a remarkable feat for an old Socialist campaigner to reach the ripe old age of 80 years and yet remain so active after soaking up the pressure for all these years. Bill has never compromised his Marxist beliefs and never wilted when industrial strife was at its apex.

Trudging the docks of Britain is one thing. But doing it for a cause in the most appalling weather is worthy of recognition, as is his ability to write at a level workers understand and to talk Socialism in a way that makes it interesting. Above all Bill continues the tradition of the old socialist who toiled below ground in the county of his birth.

Bill, I am sure I can speak for all my old stalwarts on the docks, both survivors and others, in hoping you are enjoying good health and live long enough to enjoy some of the benefits you struggled to gain for your fellow workers.

Comrade Bill, I salute you on attaining your 80th year.

Harry Constable (London Dockers’ Leader - 1945 on): from the booklet celebrating Bill's 80th Birthday.

Picture: Harry Constable being 'chaired' along with Joseph Harrison and William Johnson in Bow Street, Feb 1951. For more on this click here.