It was in the year of ‘76. Myself and several hundred others were on a London bound train. We were going to protest against the latest cuts in the health service. I was not long a member of the CP and YCL I had been in long enough however to realise who the enemy was. Not the bourgeoisie! Not the Tories ! Not even the Labour government! No the enemy was the Trots and in particular the WRP.

I was going through the train selling the Morning Star when I spotted Bill and three of his comrades. Taking a deep breath I launched myself forward.

‘Do you want to buy a copy of the daily paper of the working class instead of one of those pale imitations?’ I said, motioning at a copy of the Workers Press.

Well, I might as well have put my head in the lion’s jaws. For the next 30 minutes, though it seemed much longer, I stood unable to flee. I took the rap for everything that Stalin and his cronies did. I got the blame for the Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact, the sell-out of the Spanish revolution, the invasion of Hungary and many, many other heinous crimes. Eventually somebody called out to Bill and I got the chance to escape.

I learned a lesson in humility that day. I learned also not to pick an argument with Bill Hunter. Maybe one day he will mellow a bit and I can try for a rematch??????

Terry Egan: from the booklet celebrating Bill's 80th Birthday.