Bill Chips in with a Compliment for Fryer

When I was seeing Bill's autobiography through the press at Sumner, I spotted a few inconsistencies (spelling of names, etc.). When I drew these to Bill's attention he said to me: 'Fryer, you have eyes like a shithouse rat!' No greater compliment has ever been paid to my editing skills, and whenever I feel a bit low I cheer myself up by recalling Bill's words with pride.

Bill's lifelong loyalty to his class, and to the beliefs and ideals of his youth, command respect, admiration, and (from me at any rate) love.

Peter Fryer: from the booklet celebrating Bill's 80th Birthday.

Peter Fryer died on 31 October, 2006. Read his obituary printed in The Gaurdian of Friday 3 November, 2006.

ENV march through Willesden, 1951-52. Peter Fryer, far right, was reporting for the Daily Worker. Bill is behind the young man with the bike. From: Lifelong Apprenticeship